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Great Burger

From the Beginning...
I started raising my own beef in 1992.  One of the consistent things I’m told is How Good My Hamburger Is!  Other than it being very lean (little to no grease left in the frying pan), I didn’t know what people were talking about.  Over the years, I thing I have figured out why my burger is so different from what you’ll find at your grocers!

It doesn’t shrink up. 
~That’s because it is so lean to begin with.  Generally, the part of the burger that shrinks up is the fat and water.  Yes, water!  From some grocery stores, you will find water added to the packages of meat.  I’ve seen gocer meat labeled as having up to 10% water and flavoring added!  My burger has enough flavor that I don’t have to add anything... including fat and water!

It isn’t tough.
I’ve never realized ground burger could be tough until customers started commenting on mine not being tough.  If you think about it, a lot of burger at your local grocer's comes from a variety of sources.  This includes older cows and bulls that have very tough meat!  It also may contain lean meat imported from other countries and trim (fat) from the rest of the carcass.  Our burger is from our own cows, usually 18 months of age.  It is beef that has been dry aged 18 to 21 days, so it is tender!  We also use a lot of roast meat at times that grinds very nicely.

The flavor is great!
~I used to worry about not being able to do this consistently because I didn’t know why my burger would taste better.  I have thought about it and feel this is due to a combination of things.  I feel dry aging does improve the flavor, as does the vegetable part of the program.

There’s the comfort.
~You will know where our beef comes from.  We never give our calves any hormone implants.  We don't sell you beef that has been fed antibiotics.  It is from young cattle, not older animals.  A lot of the cheaper beef at you grocer may have all of this as a source.  A lot more expensive beef at your local grocer will leave fat in the skillet and shrink up when you fry it.



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