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Current News

as of February 2, 2009. Updates Are Completed Weekly.

Weekly Specials ~ Delivery Schedule ~ Upcoming Events ~ Other News

Weekly Specials

Call us at 541-567-7461 to find out about our current specials!

Our Hamburger Patties are now in 1/3 Pound Patties. They weigh 5 1/3 Pounds (16 Patties) .

Rib Roast

Subscription Packs~ A three month Supply of Steaks, Burger and Roasts...You can have it all delivered at once or three separate deliveries. Click here for more information!

Gift Packs~ A perfect Holiday Solution for that hard to shop for person who seems to have everything they need! These come in "Gifty" bags. Please realize if you want the products in non gift form, it is less expensive to simply order as a normal package without the gift bag.  

Hamburger Package  
Hamburger 4 Packages
Sirloin Tip Steak Gift Package Sirloin Steak 2 Packages  
Hamburger 4 Packages
Flat Iron Steak Gift Package Flat Iron 2 Packages  
Hamburger 4 Packages  
New York Steak Gift Package New York Steaks 2 Packages  
Hamburger 4 Packages


Delivery Schedule

Pendleton/Hermiston OR--- Just contact us and we’ll make arrangements
Richland WA--- 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM at the River House, 707 The Parkway. (Just off of Jadwin where the Richland Farmers Market was.)  

Kennewick WA--- 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at the Old Roxy Theater Antiques and Gifts, 101 W Kennewick Ave. (They have a nice Deli, Coffee/Espresso shop and Internet Access.... A very cool place for a midday break. I will see you inside!)               


Upcoming Events

Check back here for upcoming information!


Other News

New Smoker!  I just got a New Smoker! OK, a Traegger was my dream, but after three years of not being able to bring myself to buy the $1,000 Model I want, I decided to get something in the Budget. It is not anywhere near automatic, but has been a ton of fun to play with.
Here are some links to show some of the fun~




Pat~n~Tam's Beef. Pat and Tammy Mallon of Stanfield, Oregon Ph. 541-567-7461 Rockin_tp@yahoo.com

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