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Pet Products

Our pet line comes from the same cattle we raise to eat ourselves. Enjoying a good raw bone!It is all natural with no added hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle are pasture raised and supplemented free choice with vegetable screenings from a frozen vegetable processor. It is truly beef we enjoy, eat oursleves and share with friends and family alike. All of our products are processed in a USDA inspected facility and are human food grade.

  • Dog Bones- Frozen bones your dogs will enjoy for hours!
  • Femur Bones- Whole leg bones for the"big dogs."
  • Soup Bones- Not just for humans!
  • "Pet Mix"- Blend of Ground Hamburger, Heart, and Liver
  • Oxtail- A great source of Glucosamine!
  • Heart- All natural beef hearts from our cattle
  • Liver- Nature's "Pick me up."

Health Benefits!

Below is some information that we found interesting from "Lowchens of Australia." Please note, the research we have seen suggests limitng Liver to less than 10% of a pet's diet; however, it does seem to have value!


The diet you feed your dog determines his health
and life expectancy more than any other care!

Liver: Newborn puppies, dying from the "failing puppy syndrome", have a tablespoonful of chopped liver added to their mother's diet. Overnight, the pups snap out of it and start gaining again. Orphan puppies, stunted because their formula is inadequate lacking from the right dog nutrition, have a little liver puree added to that formula and those same puppies suddenly begin to grow and gain weight. Liver is one of natures pick me ups. 

A young adult male, starting his second year at stud is listless, uninterested, and underweight. A daily teaspoon of raw liver returns the stud to his original lustre and aggressiveness. A dog struck by an automobile fails to respond even though surgery has successfully corrected its injuries. About a week after the operation a tablespoonful of liver is prescribed three times weekly. By the end of the third week all of the dog's lost weight has been regained and healing of the external wounds appears complete, again natures way of supplying dog nutrition. 

All of the dogs described above had one thing in common; liver was added to their diet. Perhaps liver should be called a "miracle" food rattler than a mystery food. But whatever you call it, the recoveries described were the results of liver, and whatever it is that enables liver to produce such 'miracles' remains a mystery. 

For years veterinary nutritionists have referred to the 'unidentified liver fractions' and their seemingly miraculous effects. Whatever it is in liver, known or unknown, few canine nutritionists deny that liver does something special when it comes to dog food. If there is one single food that every dog should have in its diet, that food would have to be liver.


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